Klinikken er sommerferie lukket i uge 26,27 og 28. Husk at bestille medicin inden. 

Info English

Info English
Welcome to the GP-clinic
”Øbro lægehus”.

The clinic is situated at Østerbro near the centre of Copenhagen.

In Denmark GP’s act as representatives of the Danish National Health Care System.
Our job is to meet the patients needs, make the preliminary examinations, treat them and if necessary refer to a relevant specialist or hospital.

You can visit the clinic if you have a Danish Health Insurance Card or you can consult the doctors and pay in cash according to their fees.
It is important that you always call the clinic to make an appointment, before seeing one of the doctors.

Who are we:
We are Frederikke Uldall Urne, MD; from september 2023 we hav a new coming candidate for:  a doctor under education and Charlotte Eberhardt a GP and and furthermore my secretary and lab assistents Anne-Julie Stougaard and Ane Gaardmand. 

For your information we all speak English.

What can we offer:
Pregnancy controls, children’s examinations, all general medical examinations, laboratory tests and minor surgery

How to contact us:
Phonenumber: 39295006
Our general phone hours are Manday, Thuesday, Thursday morning from 8.00 to 13.00, Wedneysday from 8 to 10 and Friday from 8.00 to 12.00

To make an appointment call the day you are able to come or depending of the problem make an apointment in the future with Charlotte or Asger.